About Babywearing Ireland

Babywearing Ireland is a not-for-profit organisation providing information and support to anyone using or interested in baby carriers and slings. We are a voluntary, community based organisation and offer a number of services such as Sling Meets, Sling Libraries and Online Support.

Babywearing Ireland depends entirely on volunteers donating their time to run sling meets and sling libraries and also to generate funds to run the organisation.  The Wear a Hug Fair is our largest fundraising effort each year and we would like to thank all of those who exhibit at the fair, those who provide the entertainment and of course those who visit the fair and take part in all of the fun.

Without the support of volunteers on the day, the fair would not run as smoothly as it does. If you can spare a few hours on the big day and would like to volunteer to help at the fair, please do get in touch by email fair@babywearingireland.ie and put VOLUNTEER in the subject box