Talks and Demos

Talks & Demos

11:15 am – Dr. Rosie Knowles – “Why Carrying Matters”

12:15 pm – Lindsay Snow – “Nap Chat: The Science of Sleep and the Sling”

1:15 pm – Sling demonstration – all types

2:00 pm – Cloth Nappy Library of Ireland – Cloth Nappy 101

3:00 pm – Parenting Panel: Real Life-Adding to the family, moderated by Sandy Connolly, Doula

4:00 pm – Dr. Ros Drake – Chiropractic and pregnancy



Speaker Bios

Dr. Rosie Knowles 

Dr. Rosie Knowles of Carrying Matters – Dr Rosie Knowles is our featured expert speaker for this year’s Wear A Hug Fair! She is a GP, an author, a babywearing advocate, a content creator, and a huge resource and inspiration to a lot of us at Babywearing Ireland. She will speak about the fourth trimester and why carrying matters! 

About Rosie:
“I am a mum of 2, a GP, and a passionate advocate of building secure attachment relationships between children and their carers, due to the long lasting effects this has on future health. I believe that carrying children plays a large part in building such bonds, be it in arms or in a sling. With Carrying Matters, I focus on providing accessible information and education about this for parents and the professionals who support them. Sling (carrier) use is not a new concept at all; but our Westernised society has lost the communal sharing of knowledge. We are no longer surrounded by a community of people who can help us get to grips with parenthood and share the load, so we need support in newer and more structured ways. This is what I do; empower people to keep their children close in a safe and positive way.”



Lindsay Snow

Lindsay Snow provides consultancy, training, and support for parents, caregivers and professionals interested in developing responsive, bi-directional relationships with children. Her Facebook group, Understanding Kids, is highly regarded as a non-judgemental learning space for discussing any and all parenting challenges. Her approach is strongly evidence-based and has evolved from her experience working in the Dutch and UK education systems and as a parent in the Sheffield babywearing community.

At the Wear a Hug Fair, Lindsay will be delivering the talk ‘Nap Chat – the Science of Sleep and Slings’. This will include the biological and cultural variations in nap times and duration, how naps change with age, how slings can help, sling safety considerations, and how to move on to independent napping if and when that becomes desirable. 


Dr. Ros Drake

Dr. Ros Drake

Pregnancy can bring pains in places you didn’t know existed! Did you know some of them can be helped through chiropractic treatment? Dr. Ros Drake of Drake Chiropractic will be speaking about chiropractic treatment and the ways it can help before, during and after pregnancy! Dr. Drake specialises in the treatment of expectant mums and has treated over 165 of them in the last 4 years and has a 70% success rate with breech presentations. She has contributed to Natural Parenting Ireland, Irish Parent Magazine, the Irish Independent, and is featured on More recently, she was shortlisted for Specialist Maternity Service of the Year award by MaMa Conference 2019. We look forward to hearing Dr. Drake speak at this year’s Wear A Hug Fair!



 Our first ever parenting panel will tackle “Real Life Talk About Adding to the Family”. Whether your looking at bringing home your first baby or your fifth, every child is different. Hear what worked and didn’t work for these mums, how babywearing factored in, and how their family adjusted. 

Sandy Connolly, Doula – moderator and mum of 1

Amanda Hatton – mum of 3

Aisling Hamill – mum of 3 +bump

Ranae von Meding – mum of 2

Sonya Quinn – mum of 2